Bail Bonds Appraisals

Bail Bonds – During this type of situation where a homeowner needs to post bail and has to offer real estate as security, acting quickly is our primary goal.

Washington Appraisal, being a family-oriented company, understands the importance of handling this type of appraisal expeditiously so you can get to your loved ones home as soon as possible. Thus, we even termed these appraisals as “drop everything we’re doing appraisals” whereby we reschedule appointments and stop working on appraisals in progress so we can give our full attention to this very immediate matter.

Because when a loved one is in some type of custody or in jail, we know how traumatizing this situation can be and this deserves our quick response.

An appraisal is required to be performed when a client is offering up property as collateral for bail or immigration bond, thus Bail Bonds Appraisals.

And whenever you need to know what your property really is worth, and if you want to get the facts fast, Washington Appraisal is a trusted name. Reputed to work with quick efficiency and discretion to protect its clients’ privacy, our team will help you get through this difficult circumstance.

If you need quick assistance for bail bond appraisals or any property valuation needs, call Washington Appraisal today and talk to our Chief appraiser, Frank John, at 202.646.1150.

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